Who we are

A history of successful forecasting

Since 1989 Lombard Street Research has provided global investors with independent, provocative economic analysis and investment advice that challenges the consensus.

LSR was founded by Tim Congdon CBE, one of the UK’s leading economists since the mid-1970s. He was soon joined by Brian Reading, an influential contributor to the international economic debate since the 1950s.

A unique approach

Clients value the fully integrated, global nature of our research, which is essential to understanding today’s interlocking markets. Our approach to macroeconomic analysis is pragmatic, borne of years of lateral thinking.

LSR’s successful forecasting methodology combines Keynesian and monetary economics. Our understanding of money, credit and banks, and their interaction with asset markets, is unrivalled.

The analysis of sector financial balances and the flow of funds is widely neglected. Not at Lombard Street Research. We study them because they help us understand how monetary trends affect the real economy, significantly improving our forecasts.

Those who paid attention to them, as we did, were among the few who saw the global financial crisis coming.

'A Friend in Lombard Street'

The character featured in our logo is based on an original engraving of a certain Mr. Richardson, the first billbroker and the original "Friend in Lombard Street" as featured in Walter Bagehot's 1873 classic on monetary economics "Lombard Street".