Lombard Street Research

Why Choose LSR

Fiercely independent non-consensus views

LSR’s analysts pride themselves on their integrity and the conviction with which they hold views that are anchored by rigorous, in-depth research.

We are not box-tickers. But nor do we dispute prevailing market views for the sake of it. Our analysts actively look at where our conviction calls differ from the consensus in order to help our clients stay ahead of the game.

Outstanding track record for over 25 years

Our distinctive approach has consistently enabled us to spot key turning points in global markets – one of the most difficult challenges facing investors.

LSR’s research has repeatedly proved its value by identifying fat-tail risk and assessing its market impact.

Thought-provoking analysis

We strive to provide ‘out-of-the-box’ research, based on ideas. We will not clog your inbox with rushed, mundane data-monitoring emails.

Getting the big picture macroeconomic themes right is paramount to us. So is getting the business cycle right.

Concise, clear and complete research

The global economy and financial markets are driven by powerful, intertwined and increasingly fast-moving forces. Our research respects this complexity but also cuts through it to present clear conclusions to guide investment decisions.

After reading an LSR report, be it on a particular country or economic theme, clients will know what is important and what is not. They will be left in no doubt as to our views and what they need to focus on to stay ahead of the pack.

Great client service

LSR delivers the highest level of client service. With a global network of support, we offer every client a dedicated account manager, tasked with understanding your needs and building a long-term relationship.

Whether you need to speak to an LSR analyst to discuss a view or recommendation, or find a chart that captures a theme, we will ensure you obtain maximum value from our services.