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Goldilocks is back but how long until the bears return?


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Session 1: Global growth locomotives and shifting Fed, ECB and BoE policy

·        Cyclical reflation and early stage inflation vs. structural deflation. How will central banks respond?

·        Can QT be managed smoothly and coherently?

·        What will be the intended or unintended effects on global growth?

·        How will these shifts reshape global financial flows? Risks to USD liquidity?

·        How will FX, bond and equity markets respond? Where are the key opportunities and risks?

·        Will Trump, North Korea or other political risks derail the story?

Panellists: Steven Blitz, Ollie Brennan, Charles Dumas and Dario Perkins

Moderator: Andrea Cicione


Session 2: Europe faces hottest growth and highest political risk

·         Germany the main locomotive in a bullish growth story for the region…but for how long?

·         Timing and sizing the ECB taper and exit strategy

·         Italy the major political and economic risk to the recovery and future of the euro

·         How to position for the opportunities and hedge for the risks?

Panellists: Charles Dumas, Christopher Granville, and Ken Wattret

Moderator: Nick Bourne


 Session 3: China’s slower, more stable growth and Goldilocks visits Emerging Markets

·     Fears of a China debt blow up are overdone. Growth/debt trade-off is becoming more stable. No crisis in sight as leadership affirms power at Communist Party Congress, but housing risk must not be ignored.

·      Effects of China and the global environment on interlinked EMs.

·      Where might political risk hit investors hardest? Brazil? Mexico? GCC?

·      Discriminant selection will be the key to EM outperformance. Where are the opporunities in EM?

Panellists: Larry Brainard, Jonathan Fenby, Elizabeth Johnson, Bo Zhuang

Moderator: Martin Shenfield